Kelilah Deadly embrace: "The book reads very easily"

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What a great new story from Jorgen Eijt. I enjoyed reading his previous book Dharma: Everything Has a Price and so I was curious about his new book again.
It's nice to see how this writer is developing himself in different genres.The book reads very easily again and that is because he uses tight, varied and short sentences without much frills. “Beautiful writing” absolutely does not fit within this genre and he understood that very well. The emphasis of these kinds of books is on, as he calls it, 'narrative drive' or the speed in plot development and tension building through twists and deception.

He succeeded excellently! Yet the characters are also clearly defined and develop in the story. In the story, a woman Kelilah plays the leading role. This is a clever idea, since in Israel women also have conscription and are seen as equals in combat. She and her team are called in to solve a murder in Zurich. Collaboration with her boss, the beautifully portrayed cunning Meir Levi, is crucial. They are both driven by external (Israel's upper echelon, ambition) and internal forces (wanting to be seen seriously, her sister's horrific death) and this is woven into the story's tension very nicely.

The bad guy, a man who looks like Danny De Vito :-), is sharply portrayed and above all well balanced, creating mystery and tension. He only appears in the first scene, in the middle of the story and at the end.
The book was pleasant to read and that is why the book gets five stars. I'm looking forward to his next one.

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