Kelilah Deadly embrace: "a very surprising plot"

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After the loss of his wife, Louis loses control of his own life. After a destructive period, he becomes inspired by Hinduism and decides to do what he has wanted to do for years: making furniture. He takes a radical approach and on horseback he leaves for a small village in France. Louis adopts a dog, he quickly establishes contact with his new neighbors and his business is thriving. Soon he hears about a magical source. Whoever drinks from it will soon meet his Ideal Partner. Of course Louis can't resist and when she presents herself the picture is complete! All is well, until things go wrong and an ideal woman turns out not to be so ideal.
A bit of magic and a sweet smile turn out not to be as innocent as they seem.

Dharma is a book with original, distinct characters and a very surprising plot. Dharma is a lightly written book with the necessary (sometimes dark) humor without losing sight of the serious aspect.
A nice book to read on a dark evening or gray afternoon, under a blanket on the couch, between business hours.
A seductive novel with a touch of fantasy, and a surprising ending! Highly recommended.

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