Kelilah Deadly embrace: "Recommended!"

Read time: < 1 minuut

I had never read a book by Jorgen Eijt before, but 'Kelilah: Deadly Embrace' was a wonderful read. The story was introduced in a thrilling way by a mysterious and sophisticated murder in a hotel. This means you won't put the book down quickly and you can read through it in one sitting.

The book is not that thick, but contains many interesting characters. In my opinion, these could have been introduced a little better and more extensively. Because it is a thin book, with many exciting events and characters, it can sometimes seem rushed.

Due to the large font and fine line spacing, the book is also very easy to read. The ending of the book was very surprising and I had not foreseen. All in all, the book is highly recommended for a wonderful evening on the couch!

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