Dharma: "You could feel the French sun on your skin burning"

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Recensie van Gudrun op bol.com.

Review of Gudrun on bol.com. When his wife dies in an accident, an old detective leaves for France to the village of Le Puits Sacrè.

See Here the review on Bol.com
He follows his passion and establishes himself as a furniture maker.
Is he now perfectly happy or does it require a female life partner?
He investigates with all its consequences.

My opinion
The book is written in clear short sentences and chapters.
It is also a very visual story. You feel the French sun on your skin when you sit on the box next to the main character and watch the French landscape pass you by. You feel the deep raw grief when the main character's wife dies. I thought it was wonderful that the main character found happiness again. And that he could enjoy his work as a furniture maker.
The story is exciting, sad, tragic, gruesome, passionate, mysterious and nowhere boring.
You fall from one event to another. I did not see the plot coming and it is sublime.
My conclusion
5 stars
Well-built tension. Good storyline. Well-developed characters. I really missed them when I read the last line of the story. The author really brings them to life on paper.

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